Fellows Program

The CSSI Fellows Program is a complement to CSSI's REALab, and provides a unique opportunity for researchers, engineers, and analysts who wish to grow into externally-recognized experts in a domain of relevance to CSSI's customers.

Fellows Program Levels

  • Fellows are published, recognized industry research leaders who will be relied upon to contribute their special expertise to enhance CSSI's offerings and competitive strength.
  • Associate Fellows are recognized by their peers as the resident authorities in their respective fields. They lead technical efforts, provide technical guidance, and are becoming recognized outside the company for their subject matter expertise.
  • Senior Researchers have selected an area of specialization, lead tasks in that area, and are published authors in their specialized fields. They seek to develop their knowledge further through a combination of research and development, course work, and mentoring.
  • Researchers are exposed to a variety of tasks, have not yet selected a field of specialization, and are beginning to share knowledge through publications and presentations.