Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM)

What is RVSM?

Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) is defined as the reduction of vertical space between aircraft from 2,000 to 1,000 feet at flight levels from 29,000 feet up to 41,000 feet. RVSM was implemented as a means to increase airspace capacity and provide access to more fuel-efficient flight levels. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and its member states first mandated the implementation of RVSM in the North Atlantic in March 1997, with other regions around the world to follow.

What is required to meet RVSM approval?

RSVM is a global standard and requires that aircraft operating between flight levels 290 and 410 (inclusive) be RVSM approved. Monitoring an aircraft’s height-keeping performance is an important part of the RVSM approval process, as it supports the safety assessment and safety oversight function that is required with RVSM implementation. An operator must meet the minimum monitoring requirements for their aircraft as established by their respective State authority to maintain their RVSM approval status.

How often do aircraft need to be monitored for RVSM?

In May 2011, ICAO member states implemented a long-term RVSM monitoring policy requiring aircraft operating within RVSM airspace complete a re-occurring monitoring flight every two years or 1,000 flight hours (whichever is greater) to maintain RVSM approval status.

How can CSSI help?

CSSI plays a key role in the recurrent monitoring requirement; as an approved RVSM monitoring contractor, CSSI can conduct the RVSM monitoring flight required for an aircraft to maintain RVSM approval status. CSSI has proudly served the RVSM monitoring needs for operators since July 1999 having supported over 10,000 monitoring flights worldwide. 

CSSI offers a cost-effective and efficient means of completing monitoring to maintain RVSM approval

CSSI’s portable Enhanced2 GPS-Monitoring Unit (E2GMU) offers an efficient and effective means of completing the RVSM monitoring flight to maintain RVSM approval status. CSSI can send a technician to your location and a monitoring flight can be performed during a special, revenue, or ferry flight. CSSI also offers the option to perform a “local” monitoring flight for a reduced cost from a base of operations airport for a CSSI RVSM Monitoring Technician. Contact Carol Clarke, CSSI RVSM Project Manager, at 1-866-468-8111, contact CSSI RVSM, or email to inquire about your RVSM monitoring options.