Why Us?

At the heart of CSSI, Inc. is a mission and a culture that define who we are and how we work.  We view these as fundamental values through which we approach our work, our customers, and our employees.

Our Purpose

CSSI, Inc. has more than 20 years of experience solving the world’s most complex transportation issues. We partner with government and commercial clients to deliver engineering, technical and management solutions to complex, high-consequence challenges in the transportation industry. Leveraging deep roots in aviation, CSSI, Inc. has pioneered innovative analytics and best practices that produce groundbreaking results to enhance productivity, decrease costs, and improve safety. 

Founded in 1990 and based in Washington, D.C., CSSI, Inc. has offices in five locations and supports clients throughout the Unites States and globally.

Our Values

  • Loyalty to our customers, their missions and their success.
  • Integrity, honesty and sincerity in everything we do
  • Leadership that motivates, inspires and develops the next generation of leaders
  • Collaboration that turns good ideas into great ones
  • Innovation to solve complex, high-consequence challenges

Our Vision

To be the premier provider of technical, engineering, and management solutions to our partners’ high consequence challenges.

Our Mission

Through our force of innovation, stewardship of talents, core values, and robust partnerships, we deliver transformational technical, engineering and management solutions to high consequence challenges for our government and commercial clients.