Modeling & Simulation

CSSI integrates advanced modeling and simulation (M&S) capabilities into our clients’ strategic decision making processes. CSSI develops and analyzes future scenarios, probabilistic forecasts, and operational impacts to help assess the performance of both individual components and system-wide capabilities of complex systems. We help our clients quantify future trends in the transportation industry and help them develop strategies and plans to ensure a viable future.

We perform analytical research, model development, model evaluation, tool development, fast-time and real-time simulations, enhanced discrete event queuing modeling, rapid prototyping, data management, human-in-the-loop simulations, and stakeholder coordination at all scales – supporting multiple organizations, operational domains, and disciplines across an enterprise.

Modeling and Simulation applications include: Modeling of post-implementation benefits for NextGen initiatives and operational improvements; technical analysis of airborne trajectory performance measures; airport capacity and delay analyses; benchmarking efforts assessing National Airspace System (NAS) performance using models developed in partnership with global partners such as EUROCONTROL, ICAO, and CANSO; developing and maintaining the authoritative Air Traffic Control (ATC) arrival and departure procedure design tool suite; developing wake turbulence risk assessment models, including estimating potential impacts on UAS; and collision risk modeling, based on advanced communications, navigation, and surveillance technologies relative to ICAO-prescribed safety target levels.