As the United States moves to more joint missions and special operations, interoperability and precision performance dominate desired system capabilities. As emerging nations increase their technological ingenuity and evolve military tactics,  our country must also increase its speed to adapt, change and redeploy our systems. CSSI stands ready to serve.

Our team of systems engineers, scientists, and analysts consists of civilians and former active military personnel who develop transparent and fact-based assessments so you can make informed decisions about your system lifecycle options.  We tap into experienced resources to develop comprehensive implementation plans and deliver services to coordinate, facilitate, and manage activities and navigate obstacles to ensure that your decisions yield benefits. Our independent and unbiased systems engineering management service is a force multiplier to help you increase system capabilities, extend system lifespan and reduce costs.

Capability Analysis: We have experts across a wide range of military operations that can collaborate with customers to develop concept of operations, perform operational capacity analysis, implement planning, and design operational procedures. Our customizable solutions guide you in making decisions with confidence about joint capabilities that drive systems, infrastructure and organizations impacting future operations. We leverage our strong model, simulation, and visualization expertise to generate consensus and agreement on capabilities, to discover future scenarios, and to address non-technical changes to achieve desired capabilities.

Systems Acquisition: Our team is well versed in all Department of Defense acquisitions system. This team can help clients evaluate and align their project portfolios with joint capabilities to deliver the systems that meet current and future missions. Our expertise includes air traffic management systems, aerial platforms, global positioning and navigation, meteorological, oceanic, and C4I systems. Our systems engineers understand both the technical complexities of acquiring a system but they also understand external human influences that impact the successful acquisition of a system. Through our collaborative, model-based approach, we can address the social-human as well as the technical impacts to a systems and adapt systems and their interfaces to ensure success.

Systems Lifecycle Management: CSSI leverages many years of research, engineering, and sustainment management to assist the military with the task of reducing total cost of ownership and extending the lifespan of its systems. We leverage our cadre of credentialed professionals to assess risks of systems failures, preventative maintenance, and proposed a series of projects.  These projects mitigate risks, perform maintenance, modernize systems, etc.  To ensure the systems have new capabilities, we manage the insertion of new technologies and ensure minimal impact to performance and safety during system operations. Our credentialed professionals manage this portfolio of projects to ensure stakeholder conflicts are resolved and desired benefits are realized.

System Safety: Our safety management team provides interrelated services, tools and capabilities designed to implement a fusion of military data to assess causal relationships and predict safety outcomes.  We implement safety systems within companies, enterprises and organizations throughout the life of the systems.  Our approach limits unwanted safety events within their operating environment and who embrace principles of proactive safety risk management.