CSSI Sells E2GMU to First Regional Monitoring Agency

July 28, 2014

Washington, DC – CSSI, a leading provider of transportation and mobility solutions to government and commercial clients, recently announced the sale of two Enhanced² GPS-Monitoring Units (E²GMUs) to the Middle East Regional Monitoring Agency (MID RMA), the first Regional Monitoring Agency to purchase the equipment to support its Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) program.

The E²GMUs are available to any qualified agency or company in search of a product to augment its RVSM monitoring equipment. For more information about purchasing an E²GMU, please contact Carol Clarke at 202-863-7426.

About the E²GMU

CSSI worked with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to develop the E²GMU as the successor to the Enhanced GPS-based Monitoring Unit (EGMU). The E2GMU was developed using the latest GPS receiver technology, utilizing a 20-channel GPS receiver for enhanced satellite lock, accuracy, and faster GPS acquisition time from aircraft static-position start.  The E²GMU was also designed to be upgradable as GPS technology advances.

The E²GMU software, which operates on a tablet computer, includes an enhanced display featuring a GPS satellite Skyplot and signal-to-noise charting for each satellite channel along with current position information for latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, and heading; battery and tablet battery status are also displayed. The E²GMU Tablet has considerable storage capacity and offers removable Micro SD cards for easy file transfer from tablet to a computer.

About Middle East Regional Monitoring Agency (MID RMA)

The MID RMA was established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in June 2005 to support the safety oversight, implementation, and operation of the RVSM monitoring programs of the Middle East member states.  The MID RMA is administered by the Civil Aviation Affairs (CAA), Ministry of Transportation – Kingdom of Bahrain. 

About CSSI

CSSI, Inc. partners with government and commercial clients to deliver engineering, technical and management solutions to complex, high-consequence challenges affecting both military and civilian, public and private transportation systems. Leveraging deep roots in aviation, CSSI, Inc. pioneers innovative analytics and best practices that enhance productivity, decrease costs, and improve safety. Founded in 1990, CSSI, Inc. employs nearly 300 professionals, has offices in five locations and supports clients throughout the United States and globally. For more information on CSSI, Inc., please visit www.cssiinc.com.

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