CSSI Welcomes and Advances Members of Fellows Program

March 1, 2018

CSSI, Inc. recently welcomed eight new members into its Fellows Program and advanced the level of six others.

CSSI’s Fellows Program is a corporate initiative that develops intellectual capital and technical resources while offering members the opportunity to grow into recognized experts in their fields.

“The Fellows Program gives our brightest employees the opportunity to share ideas and information while giving CSSI the opportunity to nurture and recognize their unique knowledge and skill sets,” said Cynthia Castillo, CSSI CEO. “I’m constantly impressed by the intellect of our people, and I always look forward to seeing the innovations they bring to our customers.”

There are four levels in the Fellows Program – Fellows, Associate Fellows, Senior Researchers, and Researchers.

When employees are inducted as Researchers at the first level of the program, they are exposed to a variety of subject areas so they can choose an area of specialization. At the next level, Senior Researchers have a selected area of specialization.  Associate Fellows are recognized by their peers as resident authorities in their fields. Finally, Fellows are published, industry research leaders who are relied upon to contribute special expertise to enhance CSSI’s offerings and competitive strength.

The following employees were inducted into or advanced within the Fellows Program:

Category of Researcher

Timothy Kennedy

Hamraj Kulshreshta

Nicholas Ryals

Sal Mazza

Jed Theriot

Wendell Turner

Category of Senior Researcher

Dr. Nola Shen
Area of Specialization: ATC/ATM Modeling and Simulation

Osama Alsalous (Advanced from Researcher)
Area of Specialization: System Performance Metric

Rocio FrejVitalle (Advanced from Researcher)
Area of Specialization: Wake Turbulence Characterization

Lynsey Harriman (Advanced from Researcher)
Area of Specialization:  Data Management

Timothy Kutz Jr. (Advanced from Researcher)
Area of Specialization: Transportation Safety

Category of Associate Fellow

Larry Davenport (Advanced from Senior Researcher)
Area of Specialization: Wake Turbulence Behavior and Mitigation

Dr. Donghai He (Advanced from Senior Researcher)
Area of Specialization: Stochastic Simulation

Category of Fellow

Roy Grimes
Area of Specialization: Oceanic Separation Standards

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