CSSI Wins $280 Million SE-2020 Contract

April 21, 2010

Washington, DC – The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has awarded CSSI, Inc. a $280 million contract to perform engineering work of national importance to help transform and modernize the nation’s airspace system into the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen).

The $280 million contract is the first of up to six that will be awarded under an umbrella structure called System Engineering 2020 (SE-2020). SE-2020 has a ceiling of approximately $7 billion, making it the largest contract in the FAA’s history.

CSSI has been a trusted contractor to the FAA since 1990, providing comprehensive system engineering services for some of the agency’s most critical programs.

Through SE-2020, CSSI is positioned to leverage its experience to provide a broad range of Systems Engineering, Investment and Business Case Analysis, Planning, Forecasting and Business/Financial/Information Management support services.

“CSSI has 20 years of experience helping the FAA achieve its goals,” said Al Tiedman, CSSI president. “We look forward to applying our experience, determination and creativity to help the FAA take this important step in developing NextGen.”

About CSSI and SE-2020

CSSI was founded as a provider of technical services in air traffic management. Today, it is a dynamic technical services company with leading-edge skills in engineering, information technology, safety and applied research, serving the aerospace, defense, and transportation sectors. The work that CSSI completes under the scope of this contract will be Systems Engineering, Program

Planning and Financial Management activities that occur throughout the Acquisition Management System (AMS) Life Cycle Management. The majority of Systems Engineering activities under this contract are expected to occur after the AMS Life Cycle Acquisition Management Concept and Requirements Definition Readiness Decision and before the Solution Implementation.

The CSSI SE-2020 team includes leading technical experts MCR, Grant Thornton, Honeywell, Flatirons Solutions, ISI, Noblis, AS&T, IAI, AvMet and eSTS.

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