New Members Welcomed into CSSI’s Fellows Program

January 21, 2016

CSSI, Inc. recently welcomed 10 new members into its Fellows Program and advanced the level of 6 others.

CSSI’s Fellows Program is a unique corporate initiative that develops intellectual capital and technical resources while offering members the opportunity to grow into recognized experts in their fields.

“CSSI has some incredibly smart people on staff, and this is a great way to give them the chance to network with each other to share ideas,” said Cynthia Castillo, CSSI president and CEO. “I’m constantly impressed by the intellect of our people, and I always look forward to seeing the innovations they bring to our customers.”

There are four levels in the Fellows Program – Fellows, Associate Fellows, Senior Researchers, and Researchers.

When employees are inducted as Researchers at the first level of the program, they are exposed to a variety of subject areas so they can choose an area of specialization. At the next level, Senior Researchers have a selected area of specialization.  Associate Fellows are recognized by their peers as resident authorities in their fields. Finally, Fellows are published, industry research leaders who are relied upon to contribute special expertise to enhance CSSI’s offerings and competitive strength.

The following employees were inducted into the Fellows Program:

Category of Researcher
Rocio FrejVitalle
Lynsey Harriman
Tao Tang

Category of Senior Researcher
Larry Davenport.  Area of Specialization is:  Wake Turbulence Behavior and Mitigation.
Bruce Normann.  Area of Specialization is:  Systems Engineering.
Casey Smith (Previously a Researcher).  Area of Specialization is:  Data Sciences
Anantha Srinivasan.  Area of Specialization is:  Information Security.
Tritana Supamusdiskul (Previously a Researcher).  Area of Specialization is:  Aviation Engineering Analysis.

Category of Associate Fellow
Steve Amato (Previously a Senior Researcher).  Area of Specialization is:  Systems Engineering
Kimberlea Bender.  Area of Specialization is: Human Factors.
Mark Hale (Previously a Senior Researcher).  Area of Specialization is: Human Factors.
Goran Mrkoci (Previously a Senior Researcher).  Area of Specialization is: Systems Engineering.

Category of Fellow
Dr. Louai Adhami.  Area of Specialization is: Simulation.
Michael Chmutov.  Area of Specialization is: Computer Science.
Thomas Mitchell (Previously an Associate Fellow).  Area of Specialization is:  Computer Science.
Kenneth Myers.  Area of Specialization is:  Aerospace.

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