Optimizing Data Synthesis and Visualization in Real-Time Decision Making

CSSI’s Kim Bender was a speaker at this year’s AMS Summer Community Meeting: Improving Forecasts and the Communication of Forecasts. 

The 2014 AMS Summer Community Meeting was held at State College, PA, 11-13 August, 2014 and was sponsored by the American Meteorological Society.

Kim was a member of the panel on “Synthesizing Forecasting Information” which discussed the plethora of information forecasters have to guide their decisions.  They focused on the challenges and opportunities posed by synthesizing the information in real time during rapidly changing conditions.

The title of Kim’s presentation was “Optimizing Data Synthesis and Visualization in Real-Time Decision Making.” 

Kim's presentation focused the challenges and opportunities involved with human data synthesis and decision making under dynamic, changing conditions. 

To learn more about her presentation, view our blog post on the topic.

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