Safety Assurance

Like the quality assurance process, the safety assurance process includes requirements for analysis, documentation, auditing and management review to ensure that performance criteria are met. Safety assurance specifically monitors the effectiveness of safety risk mitigations.

Evaluate existing data collection

Customized data collection tools help service providers proactively identify  safety hazards. To assist in understanding  the scope and breadth of issues impacting safety performance, CSSI  then develops processes and procedures to enhance safety data collection.

Train personnel for improved safety performance

For safety performance to happen, expectations must be set—and met—that technical personnel perform their job duties in accordance with safety standards to the maximum extent possible.

To provide technical employees with the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform their jobs and to develop and nurture a learning culture that supports the overall safety culture, CSSI helps organizations develop:

  • Individual performance management programs that stress coaching and mentoring when performance inadvertently deviates from expectations
  • Recurrent and refresher training to provide employees with new and enhanced skills, knowledge and abilities to support change implementation
  • Proficiency training programs that align with licensing and credentialing programs to ensure that employees maintain expected levels of safety performance

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring means the organization is always looking at itself, seeking to identify risk and improve safety performance.  Monitoring may include automated means, employee and system user reporting, quality assurance and quality control, and individual performance management.

Voluntary Safety Reporting Programs (VSRPs)

Developing a non-punitive VSRP can help organizations develop reporting systems, develop taxonomies for casual factors of hazards, create processes for handling reports, apply lessons learned , and create interfaces with other safety reporting programs.

For questions about developing Safety Management Systems for your organization, contact an SMS expert.