Safety Promotion

CSSI works with clients to ensure that employees are trained and competent in their safety management duties and that operational and management personnel are kept apprised of the state of the SMS. Key to success: a positive, proactive and mindful safety culture.

Identify the safety culture

The ultimate goal is for an organization to operate in a culture that receives information that improves operations, reduces risk and increases safety. This safety culture is:

  • Informed: Employees are aware of changes, their impacts, and what is being done to safely implement change.
  • Wary: Constant vigilance is maintained to detect potential hazards.
  • Proactive: Employees confidently report safety concerns without fear of reprisal or blame, knowing that confidentiality will be maintained and submitted information will be acted upon.
  • Evolving: Employees and the organization learn from mistakes and make changes.  Employees understand the SMS and are able to fulfill appropriate roles in SMS processes.
  • Flexible: Employees and the organization adapt to and effectively implement change.
  • Just: Employees are not punished for inadvertent, or unintentional, errors and unsafe acts; yet reckless, deliberately unsafe or grossly negligent behavior is disciplined appropriately.

Develop safety promotion campaigns

The ability to draw from an archive of safety data and lessons learned helps organizations use past successes and failures to improve their proficiency training programs.

Communications plans are essential to any safety program. CSSI helps organizations develop and deliver integrated campaigns across media that are tailored to knowledge level and learner type. Components may include: training, facilitation, employee and management briefings, events and marketing materials such as posters, brochures, newsletters, online content, email blasts, and large-scale safety events.

For questions about developing Safety Management Systems for your organization, contact an SMS expert.