Safety Risk Management

Transportation involves complex interfaces and dependencies between multiple systems, facilities, procedures, stakeholders, and types of vehicles. For this reason, any proposed changes to the system must be evaluated for their potential safety risk. This often involves additional assessment by a Safety Risk Management Panel (SRMP).

Coordinate a Safety Risk Management Panel

When additional safety analysis is needed, CSSI organizes the SRMP and takes care of all of the logistical steps to plan the event. We provide on-site support and facilitation of the SRMP in order to:

  • Identify hazards and assess their safety risks
  • Mitigate unacceptable risk to an acceptable level
  • Mitigate other risk to the lowest practicable levelCoordinate the acceptance of residual risk by the operator.
  • After the change is implemented CSSI provides support to the operator to:
  • Provide hazard tracking. 
  • Monitor the effectiveness of  risk mitigation strategies throughout the lifecycle of the change
  • Facilitate panel next steps

Once the SRMP is complete, we will develop Safety Risk Management Documents (SRMDs) that thoroughly describe the safety analysis for a proposed change and Safety Risk Management Decision Memorandums (SRMDMs) when appropriate.

For questions about developing Safety Management Systems for your organization, contact an SMS expert.