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​CSSI Helps Program Managers Achieve Long-Term Success

Many organizations in the public and private sectors struggle with managing very large project portfolios. CSSI, Inc. offers technology portfolio management that supports program managers in achieving long-term program success in environments that demand optimal performance under tight budgets, strict regulatory mandates and unforgiving marketplace pressures. We help our partners manage technology-related project portfolios designed to acquire, modify, or upgrade international, national, or regional transportation management systems and vehicles.

We have provided portfolio management service on our Systems Engineering for 2020 (SE2020) contract, where we have worked with the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to manage a portfolio of projects for modernizing the National Air System (NAS). On our U.S. Navy SPAWAR Portfolio, we helped our partner manage a portfolio of information technology services, modifications, technical refresh and maintenance projects.

Our portfolio management service evaluates the depth of the project portfolio by analyzing the impacts of each project in that portfolio; it not only addresses the complexity of cost, schedules, and quality, but also helps our partners deal with those soft skills that often plague large portfolio of projects, such as resolving conflicting stakeholder interests; negotiating strong dependencies between contractors; or communicating to a disgruntled public.

Our portfolio management service combines classic, proven project management processes, methods, and techniques with new and groundbreaking approaches to create sustainable solutions for constantly evolving program needs.  This is a flexible service that provides program management offices with customizable analytical services and management capabilities, such as:

CSSI Helps Program Managers Achieve Long-Term Success