Portfolio Governance

​Despite an uncertain business environment, organizations today remain under pressure to innovate and grow by successfully executing their business strategies. At the same time, they are expected to maintain existing operational efficiencies and costs – a daunting challenge in the wake of an economic downturn that forced businesses to eliminate project managers and other resources. CSSI utilizes the latest tools and techniques to ensure the portfolio is managed optimally, from project selection to project closure.

CSSI provides a pragmatic set of metrics, policies, procedures, plans, or instructions that ensure the portfolio meets its objectives. Through our experience and expertise in decision analysis, we provide constructive feedback and information to help managers make informed project review decisions. Our project portfolio governance capability also provides administrative services to ensure meetings are properly facilitated and expedited, documents and records are managed in a manner that is current and easily retrievable, and changes to configuration items and track changes and impacts analyzed.  With this knowledge, CSSI provides our partners with information to determine when a project is progressing successfully.

Our team knows that robust governance is critical to the success of an effective portfolio management organization. In fact, an inability to implement effective governance is a primary reason why companies fail to achieve best-in-class portfolio status.  CSSI’s team will ensure proper governance that will enable better alignment with business strategy and goals, along with an increased portfolio ROI and project success rate.