Portfolio Performance Management

Many firms make the mistake of trying to focus on too many projects and end up using resources ineffectively. In reality, focusing on fewer high-value projects at once will Better help an organization achieve its goals. CSSI’s portfolio performance management service is dedicated to monitoring and controlling the portfolio.

To determine if a portfolio will meet its objectives, our experts use both qualitative and quantitative analytical methods to collect and analyze project data and our extensive experience in schedule analysis, cost & budget analysis, risk analysis, and earned value management (EVM) to analyze all data collected. 

We can determine the impact trends and current states will have on future outcomes of the portfolio. We not only identify problems, but also rely on our diverse staff of project analysts and our unique collaborative team innovation approach to propose solutions and corrective action plans that help the portfolio get back on track and meet its objectives.

Desired outcomes of effective portfolio performance management include:

  • A winning portfolio: We help clients define processes for capturing business ideas and evaluating them, which will ultimately help to initiate the right projects.
  • Higher success in executing the portfolio: Based on selected criteria, such as indicators for time schedule, scope, costs and quality, we help develop the setup and capabilities to analyze and control both pipeline and active projects. Continuous evaluation of status and progress of projects enables the management team to anticipate and decide on any necessary correcting actions over time.
  • Maximum benefits realization: By focusing on the implementation practices and handover/closing processes, we help clients improve project outcomes, provides portfolio management oversight and facilitates effective project transitions from development to operation. As a result, businesses ultimately realize benefits in the form of profitability as well as employee and customer satisfaction.