Project Portfolio Strategic Alignment

​CSSI ensures the right focus to achieve the right outcomes.

Aligning portfolios and projects with corporate strategies and goals is the only way to ensure that your organization is focusing on the right projects. CSSI helps clients evaluate and align their strategies and project portfolios with their organization’s objectives to ensure they achieve the right outcomes.

Our project portfolio strategic alignment experts analyze all high-priority strategic objectives, constraints, assumptions and relevant data to help program managers make informed decisions about what projects are needed and which deliverables are most beneficial to end users. When done effectively, our solutions enable clients to:

  • Serve the mission: We help our clients create operational strategies and align their portfolios to advance the company toward its goals. Clearly defined goals for your whole operation – e.g. mission or vision statements with operational priorities and business targets – are a prerequisite for creating value in project portfolios and projects.
  • Focus on value-added projects: After ensuring alignment, we help our clients define and select the most promising projects from a value-added point of view. Eliminating projects that aren’t aligned reduces waste and optimizes your resource utilization.
  • Establish project objectives before kickoff: We help our clients recognize the common pitfalls and establish sound management controls, with a standardized set of guidelines for the projects. This ensures overall transparency and effective project execution.