Commercial Space Transportation

We use NAS, NextGen and UAS expertise to chart solutions that help make affordable and efficient commercial space transportation a reality.

Space is truly the final frontier, largely uncharted and with vast swaths yet to be explored. As the desire to travel through space grows, public and private organizations need guidance to make sense of how the NAS, NextGen and unmanned airspace systems interact.

With deep roots in aviation and a thorough knowledge of the airspace and technical requirements required for commercial space transportation, our job is to partner with you to help you understand how to navigate the different components and concepts of commercial space transportation, and to guide you to success in the following areas:

  • Safety Management Plans: We can help you avoid unwanted liabilities by implementing proven methods to effectively monitor and control safety threats as you fly in an increasingly crowded NAS.
  • Operational Concept Designs: Achieve your objectives by understanding how your space transportation systems can best operate in the NAS while serving your customers and communities.
  • Policy Impact Studies: Stay ahead of evolving NAS policies and safeguard economic viability with innovative recommendations that ensure compliance and minimal costs.
  • Alternative Systems Analysis Reports: Before making costly investments, receive independent unbiased evaluation of alternative space transportation system concepts and designs that safely integrate into the NAS.

Our multidisciplinary teams include highly skilled aerospace experts with UAS experience, air traffic control experts, commercial and military pilots, aerospace and aeronautical engineers, and safety and transportation experts who offer highly specialized skills applicable to commercial space transportation. We also have an unparalleled understanding of how government and policy-making bodies think and operate, and can offer organizations the expertise necessary to navigate different rules and regulations.