Increase Safety

Safety Management Systems (SMS)

In today’s fast moving transportation world, safety and resilience are essential to operational continuity and the protection of employees, customers, resources and assets.

CSSI helps customers achieve this resilience and increase their safety by implementing and managing safety management systems (SMS).

Four Components to SMS

An effective safety management system includes four components to successfully develop, manage, and evolve safety.

  1. Safety Policy – Provides the framework for safety.  Establishes management commitment, identifies key players, roles and responsibilities. Establishes the target and acceptable levels of safety.
  2. Safety Risk Management – Documents the identification, assessment and mitigation of safety hazards. Documents the acceptance of risk associated with a change.
  3. Safety Assurance – Collects and evaluates safety data to continuously monitor the effectiveness of safety risk mitigations and identify new hazards..
  4. Safety Promotion – Creates a positive safety culture and improves employee buy-in through training and promotion.

For questions about developing Safety Management Systems for your organization, contact an SMS expert.